Thursday, 9 April 2015

Jess' Nascha Mini Skirt

I recently made up the Named Patterns Nascha Mini skirt for myself as a trial version. For a full pattern review check this post. I made this version for a friend who has been a wonderful support during my never ending (just kidding, or am I?) PhD candidature. It was a slightly late birthday present for which she chose the pattern and fabric.

I made up a size 36. Jess' measurements put her in between two sizes, but I checked out the finished measurements and picked the smaller size based on her preference for fitted clothes. Jess picked a tartan wool blend from Clegs and a navy lining. I spent some time getting the tartan to match up on the centre front/back and sides. I did a pretty good job horizontally but I fudged it vertically. 

After making up the skirt once before the instructions were SO much easier to follow. I'm so glad I made up a trial version for myself, I felt much more confident inserting the exposed zipper and lining. 

The fit is pretty spot on. I did one fitting with Jess, but no changes were required! Woohoo! And  doesn't she look lovely in her new skirt? Thankfully, the skirt seems to be very well received. Happy Belated birthday Jess! 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Relaxed Plantain

Happy Easter and long weekend! This weekend couldn't come soon enough -it's only a few months post Christmas but I absolutely needed the break. I'm still lacking motivation to sew, so I thought I'd post about a boring basic I made a few weeks back.

This is my first version of the free Deer & Doe Plantain T-shirt which has multiple sleeve length options, a deep scoop neck and is flared at the hips (although, you probably already know this as there are many many versions on the web). I cut a size 38, short sleeved, in some cheap crinkley lightweight jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I used this same fabric to make the free Skirt As Top Scoop Tee in 2013 and it wore pretty badly, but it's fine for a pattern test. 

The pattern comes together really very easily. If you've made a knit top before then there is no need to use the instructions. I made the top completely on my overlocker except for twin needle stitching the hem. For the sleeves I turned the cuffs over twice wrong side out and tacked the cuff up in two places. My sewing machine is really unpredictable with knits so any time I can avoid using I will!

The size 38 fit a little big. I took the side seams in 1/4" but it's still quite spacious. I need to go down a size in the future. I also think the top would be slightly more flattering on me if I brought in the hips just slightly and heightened the scoop neck. However, the pattern is a fantastic basic to start from.

I plan to make some long sleeved versions, along with some renfrews, for winter. With these two basic patterns I'm set for winter basic tops which I pair with sleeveless dresses and tops. My other winter basic is tights. I'd love to try my hand at making my own tights but given my lack of sewing time and inspiration I might just stick with pretty dresses, skirts and tops, and buy my basics. 

Now that I know that I can make pretty much all on my clothes I really struggle to justify buying clothes - especially basics. Do others have this same problem? How do you justify buying clothes instead of making them?