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When I first began sewing I didn't know whether it would be something I did every now and then or the full blown obsession it's become. I didn't want to invest a lot of money to begin with. While there are some must have purchases (e.g. sewing machine, sewing kit etc) I found that sewing on a budget came easily and was often very convenient too (downloading and printing a free PDF pattern). While I am now happy to spend $$ for special projects I still like to sew cheap where I can. I especially enjoy trying out freely available patterns. In 2014 II've made myself a sewing goal

Make 12 new-to-me free patterns, one for each month, and review them here. 

 Sew Cheap posts: 
  1. Sew Cheap: Tips and Tricks
  2. Sew Cheap: Free Patterns (Women's pattern only)
  3. January Free Pattern Review: A Two Tone Singlet
  4. February Free Pattern Review: Garden Party Dress
  5. March Free Pattern Review: Madeleine Mini Bloomers
  6. April Free Pattern Review: Peppermint Mag Wrap & Roll Dress
  7. Bonus Sew Cheap Pattern Review: Simplicity PJ Pants
  8. May Free Pattern Review: Your Style Rock Eva Dress
  9. June Free Pattern Review: Swoon Scarf Neck Cardy
  10. July Free Pattern Review: Sew Loft Karina Skirt & Diana Cami
  11. August Free Pattern Review: Tessuti Libby A-Line Skirt
  12. September Free Pattern Review: Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater
  13. October  Free Pattern Review: Peppermint Mag 1950s Prom Dress
  14. November Free Pattern Review: Republique Du Chiffon Ludivine Dress
  15. December Free Pattern Review: Workroom Social Tate Top

Click here for more posts using other free patterns, such as bags and children's clothing. 
Happy sewing!

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