Friday, 16 May 2014

Double Draped Skirt: Teach Me Fashion

Ever since I made my second Teach me fashion Draped skirt (the one that fits!), I couldn't stop thinking about a simple pattern hack to make a double drape skirt so that the centre front hems cross over. These asymmetrical skirts are quite popular at the moment and I think they're super fun.

Teach me Fashion Draped Skirt

The original pattern is made up of 4 pieces: back and front pieces which are shapely rectangles, a waistband, and the draped front piece which is asymmetrical and includes 4 pleats. Both the front and back hem are straight and symmetrical, with the asymmetrical front drape piece layered on top. For this double drape version I simply cut two front drape pieces, but no front rectangle piece.

Teach me Fashion Draped Skirt

I still made up the skirt following the general order of instructions: make pleats (but on two front drape pieces), hem front drape pieces (two) and back piece, baste front pieces together, sew sideseams, make and attach waistband.
Draped Skirt

I made up a size medium out of a red ponte-like fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics. The stretch content in this fabric must be slightly less than my black textured version. It seems my thighs are trying to Hulk out of the skirt. I feel a little self-conscious in it but I love the front so much I'm just going with it anyway. I overlocked all the seams and only used the sewing machine to baste the pleats and front together and to hem the skirt using a twin needle. This skirt came together in about an hour.

Teach me Fashion Draped Skirt

Excuse the scary butt shot, but I thought it only fair to include a true representation of the fit. In hindsight, another option to make this skirt would be to cut one front draped piece normally (this will be the top drape) and then fold out the pleats in the paper pattern before cutting out the second draped piece (this would form the under drape piece). This would still allow for the asymertical centre front and side drape but wouldn't add excess bulk in the side seam with the hidden pleats. I'll know this for next time. This is a really fun skirt and I think my wardrobe could benefit from owning it in a few different colours. In the future I might just loosen the S/A a bit, or buy green fabric and pretend to be Mrs Hulk.

*Teach Me Fashion generously offered me the Draped Skirt Pattern for free. Of course, all opinions are my own.*


  1. The front drape effect is brilliant! Great skirt :-)

  2. That is so soo soooooo pretty - I totally love it!! :)