Saturday, 31 May 2014

MMM'14 Week 5: The Finale.

Today brings us to the end of Me Made May 2014! I've had a great time wearing me made all month. It was surprisingly easy. The hardest part was taking daily selfies, especially when I had a cold. I loved checking out participators MMM outfits on Instagram each day; their encouragement kept me going with my own pledge. This week I wore:

Day 26: Sick day. At home, wearing my Merino faux wrap Coppelia Jumper with RTW PJ Pants and long sleeve.

Day 27:  Back at work wearing my modified Colette Pattern Hawthorn Blouse with Pink wrap Coppelia Cardy and RTW work pants.

Day 28: Wearing my faux wrap Coppelia Jumper again with RTW shirt and skirt.

Day 29: Papercut Patterns Ensis Tee with opshop skirt. This was my 6th day of wearing Papercut Patterns in a row!!

Day 30:  At home on a dreary day so I cracked out my bright blue Miette Wrap skirt and red and white Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee.  Evening costume change into my Happy Emery Day Dress.

Day 31:  An easy outfit on the final day. My trusty and well worn Denim Moss skirt, striped scoop neck tee , with RTW kitty jumper.

Reflections on goal 1 wear 1 me-made garment everyday: Goal achieved. I wore a heap of my me-mades - 31 in total. A couple of these garments got repeated. The clear winner was my Denim Moss Skirt which I wore 7 times!! While I wore many repeats there were some items in my me-made wardrobe that I didn't wear at all: 
-  6 dresses: of these four weren't event/weather appropriate. I could have easily worn my two Saltspring dresses with tights but I've come to realise they don't suit me at all. Time for the opshop. 
- 1 Pair of shorts: didn't wear for obvious reasons. 
- 3 skirts: I didn't wear either my first Brown Moss Skirt or Hollyburn skirt (both unblogged) as the fabric choices for each were just ugly. These will be going in the opshop bag too. 
- 5 blouses: These weren't worn simply due to weather appropriateness. 

Reflections on Goal 2 sew at least two layering knit/stretch garments: Goal achieved. Goal overachieved!! This month I sewed 8 knit garments: 
- 1 dress: Eva Dress
- 3 tee's: Mandy Boat Tee, Ensis long sleeve Tee, and unblogged SBCC Tonic Tee
- 3 jumpers/cardy's: Coppelia Cardy and Jumper, Ensis Tee Jumper
- 1 pair of leggings: Unblogged Espresso Leggings.
Since buying my overlocker my attitude towards sewing knits has totally changed. It's so much quicker to whip up leggings, t-shirts, jumpers than it is to sew a dress with all its finishings and closures. I'm on a bit of a knit honeymoon at the moment but I'm sure I'll come back to woven fabrics very soon. 

Goodbye Me-Made-May, until next year!

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  1. Love this post! I'm having the same honeymoon with knit fabrics. Absolutely loving it! Long live me made may for making us braver.