Monday, 19 May 2014

MMM'14 Week 3

Week three of Me Made May is over and I'm starting to get a little tired of trying to find unworn Me Made garments and taking photos. If you're just as bored of seeing Me Made May 14 blog posts feel free to skip this one! I'll keep it brief. 

Day 12: Wore my Gertie's Bow Tie Blouse with an opshopped pencil skirt and other RTW. Need to make more of these tops. Perhaps in some solid colours. 

Day 13: Double me-made. My Wearable Muslin Hawthorne Blouse with a Teach Me Fashion Draped Skirt. Opshopped blazer. 

Day 14: I was running late on Wednesday so I reached for my Denim Moss Skirt and paired it the RTW layers. 

Day 15: Finished off my Mandy Boat Tee that morning so it was an obvious choice, paired with Jeans(!). My first jeans wear on the month!

Day 16:  Paired my just made red Double Drape Teach Me Fashion skirt with RTW layers.

Day 17: Saturday was windy, so my Megan Nielsen Cascade Skirt (aka my butt cape) really wasn't the best chioce. I paired it with RTW layers and my denim opshoped blazer. 

Day 18: A headless kind of day. My favourite Liberty Needlecord Moss Mini with RTW layers and opshopped blazer. 

Reflections: Once again, skirts ruled my wardrobe with the occasional blouse thrown in. Given how often I wear skirts and dresses I really should invest in some coloured tights. It's nice to have some knit me-mades in the mix now that I'm giving my overlocker a work-over. I have grown particularly fond on my Drape skirts.


  1. I like the Me-made-May posts. I might do weekly updates next year, but this year I'm doing one post on the last day of the month with all my pictures.

  2. "Butt cape" heeheehee!

    I'm still reading all the MMM updates. It's interesting to see what people have made (because I might have missed something) and to see what people actually wear out of their me-mades.

    1. Just saying it like it is ;)
      Agreed, its super interesting seeing real-life styling too.