Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bluegingerdoll Odette Dress

The Odette Dress by Bluegingerdoll was released a little while ago now and I've been meaning to blog about it for some time. The dress is a fit and flare with a lined bodice, several sleeve options and a V neckline with an optional buttoned insert.

I pattern tested the Odette for Abby and had a great experience with the pattern and instructions. I cut a size 8 bust - 10 waist/hips in version A. The fit was pretty well spot on except for needing to remove a little extra length from the hem. For the fabrics I used a stiff floral cotton and an orange cotton sateen from The Cloth Shop. I love the combination and hoped that it would be quite a quirky dress. I decided to make flat piping for the bodice neckline and use the contrast for the inset as well.

First, let me talk about what I love about this dress. The design is incredibly sweet. I love the contrasting inset but love the dress equally with it removed. 

The bodice is a great fit and the fabric is so fun. The lack of drape meant it was perfect for a fitted bodice compared to a full skirt for example. While my neckline binding is slightly dodgy I don't think it's too noticeable. I'm not normally one to wear gored skirts but I love the fullness it adds to this dress design. 

Okay, here comes the not so great part. For some reason, I cut corners on this dress and felt the "need for speed" sewing. I had quite a bit else going on at the time of making it and I pumped out the dress way too quickly, not taking the time to make good decisions about the quality of my stitching. 

From afar this dress looks pretty darn cute. Up close it is a total red hot mess. The hem of the skirt and where I attached the skirt to the bodice by stitching in the ditch is just plain gross. I'm embarrassed to even show this sewing. The zipper insertion was a case of good enough for now. But it is truly not good enough. It's a good 1/4"out at the waist seams. What was I thinking?

What's worse is the fit is great, I really like the design and the fabric is so fun! So, why oh why didn't I take the time to make this dress wearable with out being totally embarrassed about my shoddy sewing? This make taught me a lot about what I want out of sewing and that it's not just about ticking another garment off my list.

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