Friday, 17 January 2014

Sew Cheap: Free Patterns

There is an absolute abundance of free patterns and sewing tutorials online. They vary in type, quality, size range and ease of access. Free patterns are often basic wardrobe fillers and are a great way to keep the cost of sewing down. I've already sewn quite a few free patterns for myself and also for Tim and other family members.These include, but are not limited to:

1. Colette Sorbetto Top: Very popular multi sized pattern with instructions and room for customisations. Great basic summer blouse. See my 6 versions and review here
2. Skirt As Top Scoop Tee: One-size (small) knit tee pattern with instructions. My version & review. This is a great beginner project for those new to stretch fabric (like me!).
3. By Hand London Polly Top: Multi sized sweet sleeveless top. I look forward to making another version as my last is little big. BHL have also posted variations on this pattern.
4. Simplicity Unisex Easy PJ Pants: I made these up for Tim for a birthday gift last year. They are a good fit, but next time I would lower the waistband. I will be making some for myself this winter.

Sew Cheap: Free Sewing Patterns

So, I've made myself a sewing/blogging goal this year:
Make 12 new-to-me free patterns during 2014, one for each month, and review them here.
To get myself started I wanted to post some of the patterns I am considering making up and others I would like to make if I could just learn to grade a pattern properly or sew stretch fabrics. I haven't yet planned enough patterns to get me through the year, so if you know of something special pass it on and I'll add it to the list!

1. Teach Me Fashion Two Tone Singlet: A floaty boxy 2 tone top released by a new-to-me designer with complementary you tube videos.
Teach me Fashion two tone singlet
Source: Teach me Fashion
2. Dixie DIY Hot Coco Sweater: One size only knit jumper with a hi-low hem. Hopefully by winter I'll be ready to tackle knits again (eek!)
3. Colette Madeleine Bloomers: Multi-size bloomers. These will be a pair of PJ shorts for me. 
4. Honigdesign Garden Party Dress: A multi-size dress with sleeve, hem and collar variations. THIS is the future make I am most excited about! It looks like a great winter OR summer dress depending on the variation and fabric.
Honigdesign Garden Party Dress
Source: Honigdesign
5. The Selfish Seamstress Coffee Date Dress: A lovely multi size dress pattern. The only reason I haven't already made this up is because it doesn't include  seam allowances. Time to suck it up and start sewing!
6. House of Pinheiro Brasilia Dress: What a beautiful dress! However, it's one size only. I am hoping that I'm up to learning how to grade it out later in the year. I know it would be worth it!
7. Tilly and the Buttons Bow Belt: This is more of a tutorial than a pattern, but I'm including it anyway!
Tilly and the Buttons Bow Belt
Source: Tilly and the buttons
8. Marfy Free Patterns: This is actually three patterns, a skirt, jacket and a blouse. Going off the sketches none of them really appeal to me. However there is a sew-along going on over at a challenging sew so I'm hoping it will spark my interests. 
9. By Hand London Circle Skirt App: This totally counts! The BHL girls are taking the math out of drafting your own circle skirt pattern for FREE. Both free of cost and free of stressful calculations. 
10.Tilly and the Buttons Picnic Skirt: Tutorial for a button front gathered skirt. 
11. So,Zo...Panties and Camisole: I'm being optimistic in thinking I'll be able to sew these and other knit projects. Worth a shot!

12. Deer & Doe Plantain t-shirt: Thanks Renee for suggesting this one! It's multi sized 3/4 sleeve scoop neck tee. I'll definitely be making this one up!
13. Pattern Runway Easy Gathered Skirt: Thanks to Mel (a.k.a Miss Piggy) for this suggestion. Looks like a fun, flirty and easy make for later in the year.

Have I missed anything?

Lastly, I must say a huge thank you to the bloggers and designers who make free sewing patterns available. The Colette Sorbetto Top was my first 'real' hand made garment and now I'm coo-coo about sewing! That free pattern was just the thing I needed to get started with my sewing. Thanks!


  1. These are both knit projects, but two that I'm planning on sewing up soon are the Plantain by Deer & Doe and Grainline's Hemlock Tee. This is a great list - thanks Liz!

    1. Yes, the Plantain looks great! It's look similar to the cut of the Skirt As Top Scoop Tee but with multi sizing and sleeve variations. I plan on adding that to my list of goal makes. The hemlock isn't really my style although it looks great on others. Tessuti also have a number of free knit tee patterns.

  2. Awesome! I have most of these but there are a few I hadn't seen yet, thanks for posting!

  3. Ooooh, the two-tone top is new to me, so thank you for that (I do love a freebie pattern so this post is PERFECT)!

    Maria Denmark has a free kimono-tee pattern on her website and I have a pattern called the "Mandy Boat Tee" but who knows where that came from. I think Pattern Runway has a free skirt pattern and Dixie DIY has a free knit dress pattern on her blog (plus some free tops AND skirts too). Boy, I sound like such a cheapskate listing all these freebies, but it means more money for fabric!

    1. Hi Mel,
      The Mandy Boat Tee is from Tesutti. Thanks for your other suggestions. I'll add that Pattern Runway Skirt to the list. I've checked the others out previously and I'm not convinced by them for my style, but its great that there is so many out there for all different types and styles!

  4. Thanks! I just pinned your post in my board, it´s awsome. :-)

  5. I'm so glad your found this post helpful :)

  6. I've made Elise's Honig Design Garden Party dress - but now that I know more about fabric & fit, I'll have to pull it out again, I'm sure I can make a much lovelier version now! I've also made the Eva Dress from Your Style Rocks - fabric selection is key to that one too! The draped neck is divine with a light knit, but the dress itself needs more body, so I have a very well worn top - another one to retry, thanks for the reminder! ;)

    1. No problem :)
      I've just made an Eva dress for this months Sew cheap and I'm really unsure about it.... It may become a top, yet.

  7. Hi Elisabeth! Maybe you don't know, but there is a site with several beautiful free patterns for sewing:
    Hope you like them!
    Kisses from Portugal!

    1. Thanks Helena! I've seen the site before but I'll take a better look now.
      My list doesn't include all free patterns by any means, just some that I'm attracted too and would like to try.

  8. Woow such a great post, I'm a beginner.. So for me I'm also on the hunt for free patterns.
    I didn't know all of yours, but I can add a few (I didn't make them yet, so I don't know if they're any good):
    - peppermint magazine has some great others also

    Thanks for sharing.
    xoxox Lien

    1. Hi Lien,

      Thanks for the links, i'll definitely check them out!
      my list isn't at all exhaustive, just some patterns I'm keen to try. But there are so MANY more!