Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013: The Year That Was

Many sewing bloggers are joining Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow in documenting their Top 5 of 2013. Others are reflecting in their own way. I think this is a fantastic idea! But, since I've only been blogging since October 2013 and sewing since November 2012 I don't have so many finished makes to reflect on. I've decided to join the party but do it a little differently.

What I've Sewn
Since beginning sewing late last year I've sewn 43 pieces of clothing. I'm pretty proud of that given I had to teach myself how to sew and I started with absolutely no fabric, sewing supplies, patterns or anything else other than my wonderful sewing machine gifted to me by my wonderful man. So, what's the break down?
I made 18 items for myself:
  1. Two Miette Skirts
  2. Five Colette Sorbetto tops
  3. Grainline Moss Skirt (unblogged)
  4. Two Wiksten Tanks (unblogged)
  5. Two Sewaholic Saltspring dresses
  6. Self-drafted PJ shorts
  7. Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt (unblogged)
  8. By Hand London Polly Top
  9. Sewaholic Alma Blouse
  10. Skirt As Top Knit Scoop Top
  11. Colette Laurel Dress (unblogged)
And 25 items for others:
  1. One Miette Skirt for sister
  2. Two Colette Sorbetto tops for sister
  3. Reversible Pinafore (unblogged) for niece
  4. MADE Diaper Cover (unblogged)
  5. Grainline Moss Skirt (unblogged) for sister
  6. Flannel Simplicity PJ bottoms for Tim (unblogged)
  7. Sewaholic Saltspring top variation for sister (unblogged)
  8. Twelve pairs of MADE Kid Shorts for nieces and nephews
  9. By Hand London Polly Top for sister
  10. Thread Theory Jedediah Shorts for Tim
  11. Skirt with built in diaper cover for niece
  12. CINO Wraparound Reversible Tie Top for niece 
  13. See Kate Sew Envelope Clutch for friend
  14. Flannel pj pants for nephew
I sewed ALOT for others! I plan on being much more selfish in 2014 (sorry family). There have been a few items I made for myself that I never blogged. Generally, these were makes that didnt quite work out (the 'misses'). I feel quite guilty about this given that this blog is supposed to be documenting my triumphs AND challenges. BUT I fully intend on making these patterns 'hits' in 2014 and blogging them (so watch this space)!

Highlights Of 2013

Sorbetto Top
Sorbetto Top
My most worn item was my blue and white gingham Sorbetto top. Its comfy, can be layered, and work appropriate so it's on weekly rotation. 

Thread Theory Jedediah Shorts
Tim in Jedediah Shorts
My favorite make of the year was Tim's Jedediah Shorts. They were my most complex make of the year, but once I broke each step down using the thread theory tutorial they were actually quite simple. I think they turned out really well! I can definitely see myself make more of these shorts. Tim loves the shorts and wears them regularly. There is something really special about making something for someone else and them being willing, and even wanting, to wear it!

My sewing space
Beautiful sewing space
My absolute highlight of the year has to be the planning and setting up of my new sewing space, which was finished only a few days ago. I love being in this space and know how lucky I am to have all this room for my hobby!

Reflections & Goals
I'm always in a rush and I like to do things the quickest way possible. Sewing has slowed me down and taught me some patience (although I don't know that it extends beyond sewing). But I'm not patient about every aspect of sewing. For example, I'm more than happy to be the last person in the world to buy the new pattern so that I can see others versions, but I hate making muslin's. I'm happy to put a project on hold if I'm not 'feeling it', but I hate hand sewing. In 2014 I'm going to try to work on taking it slow and enjoying each stage of sewing projects. I hope that as my sewing skills develop I will begin to enjoy other aspect of sewing too (e.g. the fitting process). 

Source link 
When I began sewing late last year I was engrossed by blogs and tutorials; nothing has changed there. I am genuinely interested and inspired by what others have to say about patterns, trends, fabrics and sewing skills. Each time I go to sew up a new pattern I first read what others have experienced being sure to incorporate this invaluable advice. I soon realised that I too wanted to share my experiences in learning to sew, and, even more than that, I wanted to be part of this amazing sewing-blogging-instagramming community. I’m so glad I took the plunge, and began Sewn By Elizabeth in October!There are many talented Australian's blogging their sewing projects and it's been fantastic connecting with some of them via blogging and Instagram. One of my goals for 2014 is to attend some social sewing events and meet at least a few of these wonderful ladies in person. 

My final goals for 2014 are to sew more often and take part in Me-Made-May. First up for 2014 the Colette Truffle Dress (check out Instagram for a sneak peak). 


  1. Well done on so many lovely outfits this year. I can't believe how much you have sewn for others! Your Truffle looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Kirsty! You can count on the fact that I'm going to get very selfish and sew for myself much more this year!