Sunday, 24 May 2015

Me Made May'15: Days 12-22

This is my second (of three) Me Made May'15 posts. I'll keep it brief. Excuse the phone photo's. Tim takes most of the shots on the way out the door in a mad rush. I'm grateful he makes the time to do it at all, after already asking him to wait for me to finish getting ready so we can train to work together. Thanks, Tim!

Day 12 Tuesday: Silk tate top dress and grey merino bonnie jumper.

Day 13 Wednesday: Long sleeved sewaholic renfrew top (unseen), sleeveless gingham grainline studio archer shirt, iconic patterns colour blocked jackie coat.

Day 14 Thursday: Grey hollyburn skirt with pink merino coppelia cardi.

Day 15 Friday: Denim moss skirt with unseen grey plantain top and a favourite RTW jumper.

Day16 Saturday: Morning bike ride wearing a grey hot cocoa jumper. The rest of the day I wore jeans with a white long sleeve renfrew and navy merino coppelia cardi.

Day 17 Sunday: Wore the just release released megan nielsen brumby skirt and maker tee. I pattern tested the skirt and wear it all the time - I'll blog about it soon.

Day 18 Monday: Blue rose S1419 dress with navy cerino coppelia cardi.

Day 19 Tuesday: Named nascha miniskirt and colour blocked jackie coat.

Day 20 Wednesday: Navy popover alder shirtdress with stripey bonnie top.

Day 21 Thursday: Megan Nielsen tania culottes with long sleeve black sewaholic renfrew top and opshopped Vest.

Day 22 Friday: A day with my sister and niece means my denim moss skirt with RTW top and kitty jumper. 

Reflections: I love my wardrobe! I haven't many casual me made winter tops and jumpers though. I could really do with more and not just basic layers for under other tops or dresses. Not long now until we'll be escaping the need for layers when we jet off to Vietnam - Woo hoo! I wore 18 different garments during days 12-22, which makes 33 unique garments for May so far. The last few days will probably include many more repeats of my favorites.

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