Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Modified Saltspring Dress: A Saltspring Top

Last year I whipped up a top for my little sister to form part of her birthday present. At that time I didn't have many patterns or much of a fabric stash so I modified the Sewaholic Saltspring Dress to become a top, like Caroline did here. Tim and I had dinner at my parents last night and Gen was wearing her top so I took the opportunity for some photos. 

Saltspring top Sewaholic

All you need to do is trace of the Saltspring bodice lining pieces off and extend them to the desired length widening as you go. As there is no zip required you can cut both pieces on the fold (don't forget to remove the S/A from the back piece).

Sewaholic Saltspring top

I made Gen's top out of left over fabric from my original Saltspring dress and lined it with some white cotton lawn. There are no closures so it was super quick to whip up and it's a nice summer throw on top.

Sewaholic Saltspring top

I think the top looks super cute on Gen and I'm glad to see it fits and she wears it. I think I might make myself a version next summer.

Sewaholic Saltspring top

I'll be drawing the winner of the Billie Jean Dress Giveaway tomorrow morning so if you want a chance to win be sure to comment on the post today!


  1. Wow - I haven't seen a Saltspring top before, great job Liz! It looks so lovely and summery on your sister. Will have to keep this in mind for next summer too, thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanks Renee! I think it would be a great summer popover.