Monday, 9 December 2013

Skirt As Top's Free Scoop Tee Pattern

I'll keep it brief as I'm once again so darn late to this pattern party.

Scoop Tee

A few weeks ago I whipped up Skirt As Top's free Scoop Tee Pattern. The pattern is available as a one size PDF which I think fits me reasonably well without adjustments. Its intended to be a small to medium. It has a longer hem at the back, which keeps you in-check when leaning over, and kimono sleeves, which makes for an easy sew.

Scoop Tee

This tee was my first attempt (and last, so far) at sewing knits and I was very nervous! I'd been thinking about giving it a go for some time but freaked over not owning a serger, a cover stitcher, a double needle attachment or any other helpful expensive tools (BTW: any advice on what I should invest in first?).  I took the plunge and bought some thin, soft, slippery, stretchy fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric which wrinkles like crazy. I don't know what it is as I'm not up to speed on knit fabrics, and I took no notice at the time. 
Scoop Tee back view

So  how did I do for my first knit? Well, for starters I sewed the neckband on inside out so that the seam allowance showed! Luckily, that was easily solved. Secondly, my hem is all sorts of crazy! I zigzaged the side seems and neck band but straight stitched the hem; it's less than optimal. Take a look for yourself. I even decided to leave the sleeves unhemmed given this mess. Is that 'allowed'? 

Scoop Tee- wonky stiches

So above were my challenges, but I can triumphantly say this top is super comfy and a great wardrobe filler for around the house/weekend/casual stuff. If I can improve my knit sewing skills then I will definitely make this tops up again! What's not to love: it's a PDF,  it's a great fit, it's a super quick and easy, and did I mention it's FREE? Thanks to Skirt As Top's Kristin for providing the pattern and easy to follow instructions for us noobs (or am I the only one!).

Scoop Tee- doing the laundry

Hope you liked my action shots. Doing the laundry is so glamorous ;)


  1. Cute top Elizabeth! A double needle is great for hemming and not too big an investment. Having said that, I think its perfectly legitimate to leave the sleeves unhemmed!

  2. And this top is going on my To Se For Myself list :) Thank you Elizabeth :)

  3. Cute top! How did the fabric hold up? I've used that same fabric from Darn Cheap on a top and it's gone pretty bally (is that a word?). I'm sure it's a cotton or vicose and poly blend.

  4. Thanks! It's just starting to get Bally after quite a bit of wah and wear.