Monday, 2 December 2013

My Birthday or Birth-month!

Checking in with a quick post about the past few and future few weeks, mostly non-sewing related.

Last Friday was my birthday and I felt beyond sufficiently spoilt by Tim, family and colleagues! Tim took me for a beautiful day out to Rye the Saturday prior. This included a walk along the beach, an afternoon in the Peninsula hot springs and a full-body massage, followed by a delicious dinner at Steam. What a fricken' fantastic boyfriend, am I right? FYI, I recommend all of the above for a great day out.

The following day, my family put on a wonderful joint birthday afternoon tea extravaganza for my sister, my niece and I. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos. Thank you to my family (including my own and Tim's immediate family) for helping me celebrate my birthday and for spoiling me with beautiful gifts, including very useful vouchers (Ikea and spotlight! yay!). I absolutely love ALL of my gifts (and all of my family for that matter!). Here are just a few that are particularly pretty or relevant to this blog.  

My little sister, Gen, bought me these sweet fabric covered earrings. Thanks Gen!

Tim's family gifted me this beautiful bowl, as well as an awesome tea cup and some green tea. I am lacking any fancy and practical bowls, platters, plates so this is a really useful gift as well as being rather pretty. I also had a special birthday dinner at Tim's families house which was lovely. I look forward to ANOTHER special dinner with my own immediate family in the coming days (I think this may be the most celebrated birthday I have EVER had, lets call it a birth-month!)

My sister, Nat, got me some beautiful cotton sateen fabric and two Colette Patterns I've been wishing for: the Laurel and the Hawthorne dress. Thanks Nat! Looking forward to the holidays to get into these patterns!

On my actual birthday (Friday) and the following day my work place was hosting a symposium so the office/conference centre was humming. None the less all my colleagues made me feel really special and made sure I wasn't forgotten. Thanks team! 

After a crazy last few days, Sunday (1st of December) was a lovely rest/fun day. Tim and I went on a long walk, Summer arrived, I got burnt and we put up the Christmas tree! For my birthday, Tim gave me tickets to see Architecture in Helsinki that evening (as if a day in Rye wasn't enough!). We ate delicious burgers in Richmond, followed by the show.

Tim also gifted me this ridiculously cute pincushion cat made by Fat Cat Crafts! I absolutely love him! His name is Maxwell and he is now filled with pins.

So, it would be fair to say I am exhausted from birthday celebrations and I am super-duper lucky to have so many wonderful, generous people in my life. Thanks to everyone who has helped me celebrate my birthday over the last few weeks (because one day just isn't enough!) 

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