Saturday, 2 November 2013

Six Scoops: Colette Sorbetto Top

One of the first patterns I made when I began sewing was Colette Patterns Sorbetto Top. It's a fantastic beginner project, it's FREE and it doesn't take a lot of fabric. It's a winner in my books. So, obviously, I made six versions. 

Colette Sorbetto

There's not much to say about the pattern that hasn't already been said. I'm about two years late to the Sorbetto party. So, here's a summary of my Sorbetto's 1 to 6. 

Sorbetto 1. 
My first Sorbetto was made out of some thin soft gingham I found in Savers, a local op-shop. The first top came together very quickly and I fell in love with it immediately. Even after all my subsequent Sorbetto's  this one is on high wardrobe rotation.

Colette Sorbetto

Sorbetto 2. 
Here's another one made from Savers fabric scraps. The fabric is a bit stiff and was probably intended for quilting or decor. But the important thing is how damn cute it is!

Colette Sorbetto

I loved this fabric so much I thought it would be awesome to have some PJs/lounge shorts in it too. Great idea right? Well, the problem is that now I associate the top with the shorts and when I wear the top I wonder whether it looks like I'm wearing PJs. What do you think, is the top better with jeans or as a PJ set?

Colette Sorbetto and shorts

Sorbetto 3. 

Colette Sorbetto

This Sorbetto is a little different. I added sleeves using the PDF pattern on Sew Indecently. I also left the bottom half of the front pleat unsewn so it would ease out. This is my least favorite version. The Sorbetto is quite short and the length doesn't work in this roomier version. Perhaps I will sew the pleat all the way down after-all. 

Colette Sorbetto

Sorbetto 4. 
This version was intended for my sister. She bought the fabric and requested that it have sleeves and a longer curved hem. I used the Wiksten tank as a template for extending and curving the hem.  My sister is a few sizes smaller than me but likes to wear clothes with  A LOT of ease. I tried to get her measurements, but she was convinced my tops fitted her just right. Long story short, I have another version in my cupboard and she bought more material for me to make her a smaller size.  
Colette SorbettoColette Sorbetto

Sorbetto 5. 
This little number is a favourite! I refashioned it out of a dress I bought from Dangerfield as a 2012 conference dress. The dress was now way too big for me but I always loved the fabric. 

Colette Sorbetto

I made two changes to the pattern, I removed the center pleat and created a key hole in the back. I used the key hole pattern piece from the Laurel Extras download from Colette Patterns. It turned out really neat, I think! 

Colette Sorbetto

Sorbetto 6. 
Last but not least, another refashioned Sorbetto. This one I made out of a light pink drappey shirt from Sports Girl. Again, now too big. In this version I removed the front pleat and kept the original shirts curved hem.
Colette Sorbetto

I really liked the idea of using the front of the shirt for the back of the Sorbetto, using the buttons as a details. It didn't turn out nearly as nice as I'd envisaged. The buttons pull and the top wrinkles like crazy.

Colette Sorbetto

There we have it, all six versions thus far. The Sorbetto Top is a fantastic summer wardrobe filler. It's a fun easy pattern that you can whip up quick smart when you need a break from more challenging sewing.  

Thanks to Tim (the bf) for taking these photos, x


  1. Wow - these are great!! The gingham and the polka dot are my favourites. I love the variations you added to the pattern, esp. the keyhole :)

    1. Thanks Renee, those two are my fav's as well Shows it doesn't take expensive fabric to make something you love.

  2. I love them all, especially the keyhole version! #2 I'd wear with jeans...and as jammas!!