Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sewing for the man: Jedediah Shorts

I've been promising Tim a few hand-made items for some time. I made him some flannel PJs for his birthday, which he loves, but something more day-time-appropriate was requested. I trawled the web for men's patterns. The patterns I liked looked way too complex for my first non-bed-related men's clothing item (for example this beautiful coat ). Others made me laugh...   
Thread Theory Jedediah shorts

When I found Thread Theory Designs I knew I'd have more luck. I showed Tim the Jedediah Pants pattern and we were both impressed. Jedediah looked to be exactly Tim's style. A week or two later I dragged Tim along to a small crafts market put on by Thread den (I think?) where fabric off cuts, zippers, patterns etc were being sold. It backfired, Tim saw this red and black tiny hounds-tooth fabric and requested the shorts!

Thread theory Jedediah shorts

From this time it took me about a month to make the shorts from pattern printing to hemming. This was because a)the pattern includes more complex components than I've tackled before; b) I was distracted by selfish sewing; and, c) when sewing for others I am much more careful than I would be otherwise.
Now I've made the pair once I'm sure I could whip them up a second time much quicker.  

Thread theory Jedediah shorts

I followed the pattern instructions and used the sew-along tutorials  when I was unsure of a step. The tutorials were really helpful! The only change I made from the pattern was to omit the bias bound seams. This pair of shorts was my test/wearable muslin pair and I didn't want to invest so much time making and sewing bias binding if the shorts didn't end up fitting. I made Tim a size 32 and they fit like a dream! Very satisfying after such a time consuming make!

Thread theory Jedediah shorts

Tim loves the shorts and it was such a pain that the weather turned this weekend and he wasn't able to give them a wear. We both agree that they look almost as good as store bought shorts and that's all because Morgan, from Thread Theory, designed such an amazing and detailed pair of shorts. Above is the Jedediah shorts and a store bought pair which are very similar! No doubt I'll be making this pattern again.

Thread theory Jedediah shorts

On a side note, what do you think of our art? It's a self-portrait Tim painted in Prep which won first prize at the Whittlesea Show Art Competition (portrait category). I love the painting and it's a real conversation starter with visitors. FYI, that's a nose not a mustache! 


  1. Seriously impressive and professional looking!! Am yet to attempt more than a faux fly - great job!! I have a soft spot for art with a personal story - love it :)

    1. Thanks!! It's much easier than it looks, Thread Theory's sew-along tutorials were so helpful! Definitely give it a go - its so satisfying when you get it right :)