Thursday, 4 June 2015

Me Made May'15: Days 23-31

My third and final Me Made May post.

Day 23, Saturday:  My navy abstract floral Emery Dress with refashioned merino Bonnie Top. This outfit took me from work in the morning, to a lovely lunch with friends to ribs and drinks in the evening. 

Day 24, Sunday: Wearing my floral Emery Skirt with RTW layers. On the way out the door for pancakes - Yum!

Day 25, Monday: Working from home with Tim means lunch out! Wore my long sleeve renfrew top with a gingham Sorbetto Top

Day 26, Tuesday: Colette Patterns Truffle Dress with Jackie Coat.

Day 27, Wednesday: Grey 1950's Prom Dress with black Coppelia Cardi.

Day 28, Thursday: First cold of the winter put on the couch in my PJ's all day, so no photo today. 

Day 29, Friday: Made it off the couch and into the shower. Popped on my floral Tessuti Patterns Gabby Dress which is very much like wearing a nightie.

Day 30, Saturday: Denim Moss Skirt with just sewn Cascade Duffle Coat, both patterns from Grainline Studio. 

Day 31, Sunday: Peppermint Magazine Wrap Dress over a Renfrew long sleeve, and Cascade Duffle Coat again.

This week I wore 12 separate garments, which makes 41 unique garments across all of May. Apart from a few basics gaps it was incredibly easy to get dressed each day. This month wasn't much different from any other, except that in a usual month I might pay my store bought dresses a little more attention. Many of the garments I wore were made last year. I really look forward assessing how many of my 2013, 2014 makes still get worn in MeMadeMay'16, and onwards! It will be interesting to see which styles and fabrics last.  

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