Friday, 6 February 2015

Nat's Miette Skirt

I've just given my sister a Tilly and the buttons Miette Skirt after saying I would make it about 2 months ago. Thankfully there is still some summer left to wear it.

first made the made up a miette skirt in 2013. It was one of my very first sewn garments. I remember it taking a while to sew but coming out lovely and giving me a huge confidence boost. I wore it a lot for about 6 months. I made up another skirt for myself and one for Nat in black drill with green contrast ties around the same time. Over 12 months later, I found myself making another version for Nat in a gorgeous denim chambray from the Cloth Shop, and finding it to be one of the fastest and simplest garments I've sewn in months.

Sewing Nat's Miette took no more than an afternoon, plus a tv show to hand sew down the waistband facing. On my first attempts at this skirt I followed the detailed online tutorials exactly. This time I glanced at the 1 page checklist and, if I'm honest, I could have easily sewn the skirt without it. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I'm just quite shocked to find something I found tricky to now seem ridiculously easy.

I don't wear my Miette's much anymore, as they're a bit faded and ratty, but I suddenly feel the need for another one just like this. Nat wear's her miette's around her hips so I cut her the same size that I would wear around my waist and it fits us both perfectly. But, of course, a wrap skirt is a lot more forgiving to size differences. Below is the same skirt but tied around the waist. Hmmm, yes, I may need a matching one!

There are plenty of similar vintage patterns out there for a nice A-line wrap skirt but for a beginner I absolutely recommend this pattern purely for the instructions alone.

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